Real Time Care is a family business providing a range of services aimed at helping the elderly maintain their independence and continue to live in their own home. Based upon the experience of caring for our own mother we provide sound advice and practical help. 

One of the biggest concerns for us with our mother living alone was the risk of falling. Modern technology and the internet enabled us to use a couple of carefully placed cameras to keep a loving eye on our mother and give us all peace of mind. We supply and install secure Care-Cameras enabling family members to “keep an eye” on loved ones night and day from their PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart-phone.

In addition to using Care-Cameras to help elderly relatives retain their independence we can also provide advice and practical help when dealing with the various agencies and local government bodies involved in helping relatives stay in their own home. So whether it is choosing an agency to provide home help or applying for Attendance Allowance we can help.

You will find full details of all the services we provide, along with the associated costs, within the pages of this website, but we would always prefer to talk through your families unique needs and explain how we might be able to help.


For a free demonstration please call Gaye on 07469 181 181 or 020 3633 0110