Please contact Gaye on 020 3633 0110 for any questions regarding Real Time Care.


Directors Biographies:


Managing Director

Gaye is passionate about helping people live independently for longer.  Whilst caring for her own mother she gained a wealth of experience across all elements of managing independence at home.   Her extensive experience in IT consultancy services and strong project management skills enable Gaye to deliver solutions to the many challenges of helping the elderly retain their independence. With the growth of broadband and smart phones, technology is now a key enabler to offering security and peace of mind.  It also engages family members in caring when they may not live close by. 



Technical Director

Since graduating with a degree in Physics Howard has spent the bulk of his career working with blue chip companies delivering cutting edge technologies. Instrumental in setting up the Care-Cameras we used to help keep an eye on our mother, Howard’s technical knowledge and expertise ensures a robust and reliable solution and maximum security.  Our bespoke solution provides secure, easy to use, controlled access, with limited bandwidth required.




Sales & Marketing Director

After training as a Telecommunications and then Electronics Engineer Stuart has spent the last 30 years working in Sales and Marketing roles at managerial and executive level. Stuart has two primary functions the first is to ensure the widest possible exposure for Real Time Care and the second is to retain its customer focus.